1. Credit/Debit card information must be supplied with all bookings – American Express Cards are Not accepted.
  2. We charge an administration fee for booking alterations and amendment.
  3. Cancellations cannot be made within 7 days of the arrival date and the full price of the booking may be charged.
  4. Cancellations can be made online by the customer free of charge up to 7 days before arrival date. Other cancellations made by us at your request will incur a cancellation charge.
  5. Payment is made in full on arrival at the property and can be made by cash or credit card.
  6. Arriving customers who have underbooked the number of people within their party will be charged for additional members of their group.
  7. Arriving customers who have overbooked the number of people within their party are liable for the balance they originally booked.
  8. The property has a strict no smoking policy.
  9. Damage seen within the property should be reported to staff on arrival or as soon as is practicable.
  10. Damage howsoever caused will be charged to the customer and the charges will reflect all the costs involved in restoring the property to its previous state.
  11. Parking is available but guests park at their own risk. We accept no liability for vehicles parked or or near the property.
  12. Guests are reccommended to take out all necessary insurance.
  13. Guests cannot cook on the premises.
  14. Guest behaviour must be respectful of others. In the event that this rule is not adhered to we reserve the right to cancel a guests booking with immediate effect.
  15. Unfortunately we cannot accept pets if owners require them to be in their rooms.